A clear roof on marquee hire is visually stunning and really does add the “wow” factor, especially when dark with ambient lighting effects.

Bringing the outdoors in, clear roofs, clear walls and clear gables can be provided to the whole marquee, or just partially. A bar/reception area, just over the dance floor or just to walls and gables to frame a special view.

Spectacular countryside, a beautiful garden, or the backdrop of a stately home, there are many reasons for wanting to hire a clear marquee.

As stunning as they are, there are a few things to consider about hiring a clear marquee.

Time of Year
Long, bright sunny days in Summer will increase the temperature inside the marquee significantly.

Other items within the marquee can become incredibly hot, a black dance floor, cutlery, and glasses. Even buttercream can melt on a hot day, so be careful with the wedding cake!

Guests can become very hot and uncomfortable sat in a clear marquee with the sun beaming through the clear roofs, which has the same effect as a greenhouse!

You may wish to consider marquee internal drapes and air conditioning if you want a large proportion of the marquee hire covered with clear pvc, but this will come at additional costs.

Clear marquees really come into their own in cooler months.  Spring, Autumn and Winter events are fabulous in a clear marquee.  The warmth from the sun coming through the marquee roofs in conjunction with marquee heating is perfect for guests and those crystal-clear winter nights are stunning when viewed from inside a clear marquee roof. 

Time of Day
The time of your event is crucial. Lunchtime events in the Summer are not ideal conditions for a marquee with a clear roof, but an event that starts in the evening is much better. 

Marquee walls can be folded back to take advantage of any breezes and the marquee will cool down considerably once the sun has gone to bed. 

When darkness falls that is when the lighting both within the marquee and exterior lighting to trees, houses, and garden features, really become magical.

If you are sold on the hire of a clear marquee, where you position it will make a big difference. Finding a shady spot at your venue is key during the summer months. This will provide shade for your marquee hire from the sun and help with the set up and decoration of your marquee as well as the temperature inside once your event begins.

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