In line with current temporary structure regulations sufficient anchors are required upon installation to counteract uplift forces.

These may be in the form of steel ground anchors of varying lengths, chemical anchors or expansion anchors, dependent upon the ground type and weather forecasts. We refer to our assembly guides for the correct quantities.

If anchoring to the ground is not permitted then sufficient ballasts weights can be used, the correct weight needs to be determined using the static calculations for the temporary structure in question.

The correct type of fixing is determined following the knowledge of the site to identify the type of ground and its uplift forces, the openness of the site, the type and size of structure and the weather conditions forecast at the time, throughout the event and upon collection.

In very strong winds, it may be necessary to cease or delay such operations for safety reasons. Likewise, snow falling on an unheated structure that has its roof-sails in position creates a danger of overloading the roof beams and collapse. Our winds and snow loads are communicated to our clients, together with our structure operations that include adverse weather conditions.

During a hire period a regular inspections of the structure would be carried out, however these may be increased dependent upon the type of event, time of year and weather conditions.

Daily checks are made with the Meteorological Office to ensure that we are aware of any potential adverse weather conditions so that we can be prepared, so far as is reasonably practicable, and take necessary action.

If adverse conditions are forecast this will be monitored by both the office and a senior member of staff who if not already on site, will attend site if appropriate, the site manager will monitor and advise of necessary precautions as necessary.

All Relocatable site supervisors have the authority to make such decisions, as they deem appropriate and necessary, with regard to the installation/removal and evacuation of the structures, because of unsafe situations arising from adverse weather conditions.

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