Over the past month or so we have heard how the Coronavirus has spread around the world and the panic and uncertainty this has created.

The events industry is now suffering with the uncertainty if the virus continues to spread and if this would cause the government to impose restrictions on large public events.

Currently events under 500 guests would remain unaffected.

Relocatable supply our event marquees and temporary structures to a variety of large events covering airshows, corporate events, outdoor events, outdoor shows & exhibitions, corporate hospitality, university graduations, sporting events, and music festivals.


With this in mind and to the potential consequences to all suppliers in the supply chain involved in an event, we have been in discussions with our suppliers to be able to offer our clients a fair postponement policy and a sustainable cancellation policy, in view of the current pandemic crisis.

Consultation and quotes are free of charge, so do get in touch where we can help you plan your event.

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