With a Relocatable structure, yes it is possible to install a marquee on sloping and very uneven ground.

Our specialist marquee suspended flooring systems are designed, engineered and manufactured to allow us to supply a marquee structure upon a solid level floor.

With our marquee structure floor jacks we can provide, marquees on raised floors, level out sloping ground, provide split level flooring, viewing platforms and even install stairs.

Often an event venue, where there is a slope can reveal a beautiful view. Together with our stunning clear span event marquees that are available in various sizes and with panoramic clear PVC we can really enhance your choice of venue, from being out of the question with some marquee hire companies to our clear marquee hire providing the perfect solution.

Our marquee flooring systems have been used at events for viewing platforms for firework displays, wedding marquees, party marquees, corporate hospitality, events, airshows and even for ice rinks for the Christmas and Winter event season.

Every event is unique as is every venue, we would therefore need to survey a site to help you plan your bespoke marquee hire for your special occasion.

Consultation and quotes are free of charge, so do get in touch where we can help you plan your event.

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